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Welcome to Deva's

In the last four decades, the art and craft scene in Nepal has undergone a gradual transformation, with traditional craft and artisans making way for new techniques and equipment. There are however places where old world techniques have been evolved organically with a functional element. The artists at Deva’s have all been trained in the old school of Tibetan design and craft. Many of them have been with Deva’s for generations. Using mostly traditional tools and techniques they carve, paint and create not just craft pieces, but also give a new lease of life to a often forgotten art form. Deva’s also helps give shape to its clients’ ideas – our artists will work with you to customize your designs on traditional style furniture to create pieces that are truly unique. Deva’s products range from fucntional furniture items such as tables and cabinets to more decorational pieces such as chussum (Tibetan shrines) and altars.

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